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Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, in which case always be a unicorn! Especially for those who believe in the most magical fairy tales Merci Handy made a brand new limited edition hand cleansing gel.

The Merci Handy Unicorn hand cleansing gel is made of unicorn tears (of laughter ofcourse) and has a delicious rainbow scent. This cute little bottle will fit in your pocket, so you can bring it with you on every adventure life takes you. Merci Handy added emollient pearls into each of their gels, because they know your hands like the back of their own, and you like your hands super soft and fresh.  


About Merci Handy
Merci Handy is a philosophy and a lifestyle, or a 'style de vie' as they say in Paris. The goal of this brand is to (re)create daily cosmetics and turn them into refreshing and innovative cosmetic products that smell amazing. The result? Small pocket-sized products with huge effects.

Merci Handy Unicorn hand cleansing gel RRP: €2,95