Meet the Powder puff 2.0! This double-duty tool, Power Pocket Puff, is the perfect size and shape to get the job – whether you’re baking, contouring or setting makeup. The double-sided puff offers ton of versatility for application: use the plush side to deposit powder formulas and the tan buffed suede side to blend and touch up.

Unlike messy round puffs, the precise shape of this jelly puff allows you to work strategically, getting in under the eyes, cheekbones or around the nose with ease. A finger pocket that extends all the way to the point allows for even further precision while a finger band allows you to switch sides easily. Pro Tip: Use the spray to refresh applicator in between different products or clients.


How to use this savy tool

  • Deposit powder with the plush pink side to set and bake makeup. Reblend and touch-up using the tan buffed suede side.

  • Target contours of the face with the narrow tip, inset fingers into the pocket for further precision.

  • Rest hands on puff during application to prevent makeup from smudging.

beautyblender pocket power puff RRP: €14,95