Invisibobble: Can You Say It?

ib 1200x628.jpg

invisibobble – hard to pronounce, easy on your hair. Thanks to its smooth surface, the invisibobble hair tie doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. It’s finally time to say goodbye to kinks, soaking, traces and tugging. No wonder invisibobble has found its way into the hair of many girls and guys!

Hair Fashion
Hair styles you’ve always wanted – with a high wearing comfort for every day. Bye bye headaches! Using only the invisibobble hair tie, elegant, sporty and girly hairdos for any occasion can be easily and quickly done – no need for hair clips or bobby pins! 

Wrist it up
Turned into a fashionable bracelet, the invisibobble hair tie is a colourful and stylish accessory rounding out every outfit! Too good to be true? No, because invisibobble is that simple.

Invisi-whaaat? in-vi-see-bo-bble. It might take time to get the name right, but it'll take no time for your hair to fall in love with invisibobble. 

invisibobble ORIGINAL RRP €4,95