"Back in the 80's" stars like Madonna, Demi Moore and Janet Jackson were the trendsetters when it came to hairstyling: they converted a simple styling tool into an absolute must-have-accessory. Now, the famous scrunchie is back again! With a new design and improved wearing comfort, we proudly present the invisibobble SPRUNCHIE. 

Hidden underneath luxurious velvet fabric, the invisibobble SPRUNCHIE contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing benefits that come with what the brand is known for: leaving your hair in perfect condition throughout the whole day. Due to its spiral shape, the hair tie holds all strands of hair together and is still easy to remove. Available in two different colors, this new invisibobble family member is your best friend for the upcoming festival season. The leopard patterned Purrrfection gives every outfit an extra touch. True Black on the other hand, adds a subtle and elegant note to every styling. The invisibobble SPRUNCHIE is the hair accessory for every occasion and looks great around the wrist too!


To effortlessly create an 80's hair look in just a few minutes, the sprunchie bun is the easiest choice. For this updo, pull the hair back and up very high, Twist it until the hair wraps around itself and secure the bun with an invisibobble SPRUNCHIE. Back to the 80's never felt so cool.