Not one but two limited editions are added to the MakeUp Eraser family this fall! Make removing your makeup easy and fun with these on trend musthave tools.

Why MakeUp Eraser?

  • Remove your makeup easy and fast adding warm water only.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin without chemicals.

  • Supersoft material, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Reusable, can be washed at least a 1000 times.


The new MakeUp Eraser Hologram will make magic happen for sure! This limited edition is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Or treat yourself to some me-time with this enchanting set. 

The cute, holographic purse holds a light pink MakeUp Eraser and matching hairband, perfect for your own little spa experience! Get your hair out of your face and prep your skin by removing your makeup and exfoliating your skin. All it takes is the MakeUp Eraser Hologram, warm water and your skin will be ready for your favourite face mask!

The MakeUp Eraser Hologram RRP: €19,95.


Embrace your wild side with the new MakeUp Eraser Cheetah. The newest addition to The Original MakeUp Eraser family has a sexy yet fashionable animal print.

Haven’t we all been there? Coming home after a night dancing with your girlfriends, wearing your most Femme Fatale makeup and not feeling like spending too much time removing your makeup before going to bed. Like a cheetah, the new MakeUp Eraser is lightweight and fast and helps you to cleanse and exfoliate your skin in no time. All you need is warm water and you can go to bed knowing your skin will be able to breathe and recover during the night. Your purrrfect skin will thank you later!

The MakeUp Eraser Cheetah RRP: €19,95.