As you might know MDV celebrated her 5th birthday in January 2017, YAY! In celebration of this, Evelien gave an interview to in which she told about the start of MDV and how it became a successful business. That interview turned out to be a huge success as well (it was the second best viewed article for weeks) and therefore Annic dedicated a vlog to Evelien and MDV!!

The three ultimate businesstips for young entrepreneurs given by Evelien:

  1. Persistence always pays off
    My first tip is "persistence always wins." That word "always" is very important. Always continue, insist, keep following-up and in the end you will always win.
  2. Follow your intuition
    My second tip is to "follow your intuition" - super vague, I know. Yet, we women do have a strong intuition for a reason. Say you have the feeling that you should not do something. Dare to listen, even if it sounds ridiculous.
  3. Stop dreaming, start doing
    My third tip is 'do', make dreams reality. Do not talk, talk, talk, and never do. Just do it.

(Re)read the article here, it is in Dutch, but worth translating :) Watch their vlog here!