INVISIBOBBLE WAVER The hair-accessory 2.0

Start your new hair game with the invisibobble WAVER! This very cute WAVER is exactly what you need. The unique design and the special material make the WAVER truly exceptional. The WAVER offers a comfortable, gentle, and – just like the other invisibobble products – traceless alternative to the usual hair clips and pins. So let's be honest ... isn’t this your new favorite?

It doesn't matter whether you are classy, sporty or girly, the WAVER fits perfectly with any outfit. They are now available in CLEAR and PRETTY DARK! Which one is your favorite?




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The invisibobble WAVER has many benefits:

  • The WAVER has an Unique shape, the top of the WAVER is inspired by the shape of the invisibobble ORIGINAL.

  • As the name WAVER says, it's all about the 3D, this wavy shape guarantees strong grip and is super friendly to the hair at the same time. The hair becomes, as is often the case, not compressed and has space between the wavy shape. This way the WAVER leaves no kinks in the hair and offers this optimum comfort!

  • Friendly to the hair. No sharp edges or metal parts.

  • The innovative closure is super easy! You open and close the invisibobble WAVER with two fingers.

  • The WAVER consists of 100% synthetic resin. This material is water resistant, colourfast and easy to clean.

  • The bottom of the WAVER is adjusted to the shape of the head. The WAVER is therefore easy to place in the hair and super comfortable

The Hairclip 2.0.jpg

We would love it if you start creating you’re own style! We are so curious about new looks and styles so use our hastag #gowiththewavER and tag us @invisibobblebenelux!



Amp up the energy with Electric Violet, your favourite blender has gotten a glowing makeover. Inspired by the beauty who lights up the room, brighten up your own makeup routine with this vivid stunner. Or turn things up even more with this twisted spin on Electric Violet! The radiant purple hue is marbelized with white for a one-of-a-kind blender as unique as you. The same exclusive aqua-activated™ material as the original beautyblender, you’ll always get a flawless finish and unbeatable bounce.

The aqua-activated™ sponge grows to about twice its size when wet and absorbs minimal product so your favourite formula lands on your complexion—not your sponge. When wet, the super soft material provides an even, smooth blend and bounce. The large, rounded surface area ensures a quick application while the contoured tip offers precision.


beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce your way to makeup perfection!

  • wet. beautyblender with water

  • squeeze. out the excess liquid, using a towel if available

  • bounce. foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results

  • cleanse. after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender

  • replace. blender every 3 months

beautyblender Electric Violet and Electric Violet Swirl RRP: €19,95


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This do-it-all mist hydrates, adds luminosity, refreshes makeup, and gives versatility to your existing makeup. Created with a fine mist nozzle, it doesn’t disturb makeup, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to revive dull skin mid-day or give a matte foundation a dewier look, skin looks just as glowing and gorgeous at 8pm as 8am.

What else you need to know: The two-phase solution includes a supercharged water containing antioxidants, white birch extract and hyaluronic acid to instantly protect, plump and hydrate while the other part consists of a milky oil which nourishes and balances with skin cocooning silk extract and soothing probiotics. When shaken, this super blend imparts mega moisture and radiance – no dry patches, no dullness, no caking, no fading. Not just for your face, rehydrate your blender with a spritz of this silky mist for an ultra-smooth touch-up.

Model banner.jpg

How to use

  1. Shake bottle well so the two phases combine.

  2. Hold bottle 6-8 inches away from face, close eyes and mist directly onto skin for the perfect boost of hydration and luminosity.

  3. To retouch makeup, spritz blender to easily reblend.

beautyblender Re-dew RRP: €29,95


The Wonderfuls.png

It is almost the most wonderful time of the year! The sweet fragrance of gingerbread and hot chocolate lies in the air and every corner sparkles and glitters. No other time of the year is so cozy and glamorous at the same time – so why not also give your hair a certain glamour with the new invisibobble The Wonderfuls Collection?

IBB the Wonderfuls.jpg

The new colours My Kind of Man, burgundy red (RRP: €4,95), and Got To Glow, gold metallic black (RRP: €4,95), are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The invisibobble ORIGINAL provides strong hold and high wearing comfort for particularly long nights at lavish celebrations, yet is particularly gentle on the hair .

IBB crackers.jpg

The invisibobble Crackers in two different sizes will enchant you with their elegant metallic colours and are the perfect gifts for your loved ones or yourself. The Duo Cracker (AVP: €7,95) contains the invisibobble ORIGINAL in two colours: Bronze Me Pretty and Holography. Do you prefer invisibobble SLIM? The Trio Cracker (AVP: €14,95) holds the invisibobble SLIM in three colours: Bronze Me Pretty, Holygraphy and a limited edition pink.

IBB bauble.jpg

The invisibobble Bauble is thanks to the ribbon and greeting card the perfect little gift. The Bauble holds the invisibobble SLIM in the limited edition colour Holography (AVP: €5,95).



Not one but two limited editions are added to the MakeUp Eraser family this fall! Make removing your makeup easy and fun with these on trend musthave tools.

Why MakeUp Eraser?

  • Remove your makeup easy and fast adding warm water only.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin without chemicals.

  • Supersoft material, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Reusable, can be washed at least a 1000 times.


The new MakeUp Eraser Hologram will make magic happen for sure! This limited edition is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Or treat yourself to some me-time with this enchanting set. 

The cute, holographic purse holds a light pink MakeUp Eraser and matching hairband, perfect for your own little spa experience! Get your hair out of your face and prep your skin by removing your makeup and exfoliating your skin. All it takes is the MakeUp Eraser Hologram, warm water and your skin will be ready for your favourite face mask!

The MakeUp Eraser Hologram RRP: €19,95.


Embrace your wild side with the new MakeUp Eraser Cheetah. The newest addition to The Original MakeUp Eraser family has a sexy yet fashionable animal print.

Haven’t we all been there? Coming home after a night dancing with your girlfriends, wearing your most Femme Fatale makeup and not feeling like spending too much time removing your makeup before going to bed. Like a cheetah, the new MakeUp Eraser is lightweight and fast and helps you to cleanse and exfoliate your skin in no time. All you need is warm water and you can go to bed knowing your skin will be able to breathe and recover during the night. Your purrrfect skin will thank you later!

The MakeUp Eraser Cheetah RRP: €19,95.



Treat yourself! Okay, and others, too. For Holiday 2018, beautyblender® brings together a range of giftsets full of surprises and limited editions. Fun to give, fun to discover!



Enchant your favorite makeup lover with this special “blind bag” that makes opening presents as fun as when you were a kid. The mystery inside is irresistible to discover.

Open to see which of four beautyblender shades is hidden inside! A select number of makeup lovers may even get a sweet surprise as a reserved number of sets will include a sneak peek at our new 2019 limited-edition hue. Additionally, you’ll get a limited-edition mini blendercleanser solid swirl to keep your blender in prime condition.

What’s Inside:

  • beautyblender original, joy, chill of the new 2019 limited-edition

  • limited-edition mini blendercleanser solid swirl

beautyblender Sweet Surprise RRP: €19,95



This festive beauty bundle has everything a makeup-lover could dream of. Complete with a double dose of blend with the original beautyblender and new limited edition Joy shade, this box takes the basics to above and beyond. Your makeup routine is about to be sweeter than ever (literally!) with deliciously scented deluxe mini blendercleanser solid in juicy berry and juicy apple.

The best part? You can finally take your beautyblender with you (and let it dry in the process!). Make flawless on-the-go touch-ups a cinch with the brand-new silicone, anti-bacterial Blender Defender carrying case.

What’s Inside:

  • beautyblender original

  • beautyblender joy

  • mini blendercleanser solid in juicy berry

  • mini blendercleanser solid in juicy apple

  • blender defender protective carrying case

beautyblender Blender’s Delight RRP: €39,95



Hook your beauty bestie up the sweetest beautyblender set. Along with the iconic original and latest limited edition Sapphire beautyblender, you’ll get exclusive holiday shades, Joy and Ivy beautyblender. Plus, this blending bunch will be the freshest yet with a limited-edition peppermint scented deluxe blendercleanser solid to match each of the four blender hues!

What’s inside:

  • beautyblender original

  • beautyblender sapphire

  • beautyblender ivy

  • beautyblender joy

  • 4 mini blendercleanser solid in a peppermint scent

beautyblender Sweet Indulgence RRP: €65,00